Tuesday, May 22, 2012

coming in from the storm

It's one of those nights
where the air rushes round
and rattles the windows
an ominous sound

And the leaves they look ghostly
As they tap on the glass
And cling to the branches
Til the storm comes to pass

The clouds they are dark
And they hang in the air
Churning and stiring
Whiping your hair

I see you rush to me
Dashing on down the path
Hugging yourself
And not looking back

Your fingers are pink
They reach for the bell
You lick salt from your lips
And you bite them as well

I rush down all the stairs
And I open the door
You stand there and look
Dripping rain on the porch

And I gather you in
You are wet in my hands
But I'm pulling you in
And unzipping your pants

And you pull off your shirt
And your arms come around
You're lifting me up
Sweep my feet off the ground

I'm held in your arms
And I kick at the door
Wondering how it will be
But I know I am sure

Your skin it is warm
And I feel through my dress
The beat of your heart
The thump in your chest

You carry me up
I feel lighter than air
Your hand's on my waist
You're smelling my hair

You carry me in
Lay me down on the bed
You're my shield from the dark
You are holding my head

And you say, "hello you"
And you're glad you came back
The storm's getting louder
There's a thunderous clap

Your eyes they look at me
And your kissing it fits
You stop and you smile
And we know this is it

"You're so beautiful, baby"
And you pull up the sheets
And I'm lay in your arms
I feel humble and weak

I'm cupped in your hands
And we don't want to move
Feeling our skin
Feeling our groove

You're tracing my shape
And you won't let me go
There are words in my ear
But I don't want to know

And at some point we wake
We had drifted asleep
There are hands in my hair
And a kiss on my cheek

And I'm wrapped all around you
Thinking this is a dream
But your breath it is real
So I pull at the seam

And I'm bursting into
This small bubble of time
The whole world is outside
And right now you are mine

The lighting is pink
On the cusp of the dawn
As we lay side by side
Coming in from the storm.

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