Sunday, May 20, 2012

without you...

I remember the day
That we got the sad news
The day we were told
That we had lost you,

I'd been out for the day
And when I came home
The air was too still
For everyone home

I knocked on the door
And I saw in her face
That something was up
Things felt out of place

So I asked what it was
And she told me at once
That we'd lost you today
She put up no fronts

I walked through the room
He was sat on the floor
I could see in his eyes
As I stood in the door

That his world now had changed
And that made him seem small
It won't be the same
Without you to call

No more words of advise
No more stories to tell
Of your time before ours
Of you wishing us well

He was sat on the ground
With the phone in his hands
His loved ones around
In a foreign, strange land

His face it was empty
His colour was drained
Knowing you as you were
We'd never see you again

And I turned in the door
And I walked far away 
Going down past our path
Walking out through the gate

The moon it was high
And the air it was still
I felt the cool breeze
I felt a deep chill

That crept up through my bones
And rippled my skin
Knowing all that was left
Was your memory within

And I walked down the road
Kicking gravel and stones
Not wanting to stop
Or to be in our home

I needed some time
To process this news
And think of our lives
Going on without you

The tears as they fell
I thought they weren't mine
There was too much to feel
In this moment in time

So I stopped moving forward
I stopped in my tracks
I turned on my heels
I turned to head back

And I got to the house
They all were still there
She reached for my hands
She stroked down my hair

And he sat at the table
And he looked in my eyes
The pain that we felt
Would never subside

There was nothing to say
And nothing to do
But accept the sad news
And go on without you.


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