Wednesday, May 16, 2012

not good enough for me

I spent ages deciding
What clothes I should wear
I used the last of my perfume
And I played with my hair
Straightening the curls
And smoothing it down
Catching myself in the mirror
Twirling around
Holding myself
In a flattering pose
Painting my lips  

Dusting my nose
Taking one last look
At my face in the glass
Wondering what you might think
Will you approve, will I pass?
And I smiled as I walked
To the station for you
Wondering what we might say
Wondering what we might do
It took over an hour
And my tummy wouldn't rest
Sending flutters of feeling
Up into my chest
Catching glances of me
In the reflection on windows
A stranger who saw me
He gets it, oh he knows
It was all over my face
And in every step
A second chance came today
You're still there, you've not left
And I waited for you
And I straighten my dress
Running hands through my hair
Felt the breath in my chest
And I'm biting my lip
And I'm tugging my ear
My breathing it quickens
Because soon you'll be here
I'm waiting for you
I know you are near
The moment is close
More hope than there's fear
But soon I will realise
As the leaves start to stir
It's been over an hour
And still your not here
People they pass me
As they walk down the street
Off to see friends
Or to pubs where they'll meet
Someone like you
With a confident smile
And a freshness
An energy
And they'll stay for a while
And when they look at me
I feel sudden shame
That I realised too late
You're not coming today

I get back on the train
And I'm sitting alone
I'm staring, unblinking
I switch off my phone
I was excited to see you
We'd made special plans
Now I'm hiding my tears
And I'm ringing my hands
I stare in the distance
An indefinable dot
Holding me captive
Making me rot
But then a stranger looks at me

He smiles, and I see
There are other people out there
And you're not good enough for me.

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