Thursday, May 10, 2012

someone near

I smile at the stranger
As we're riding the tube
And I'm wanting to say
"Why, hello," / "how are you?"

And I'll mean it, if I say it
It's not just a line
I care how you are
In this moment in time

I feel love in an instant
With my heart on my sleeve
The old man on the bench
That I passed on the street

With no one beside him
And no one around
He shuffles his feet
He stares at the ground

And the dirty old worker
With dust on his hands
And eyes that are heavy
Lives not gone to plan

And the mother and baby
With crumbled up clothes
And fistfuls of toast
And snot on their nose

And the bloke in the suit
With the confident grin
And the bulge of his case
What a burden to win

And the girl in reflection
Who's eyes are so bright
But no one looks at her
She's not in their sight

And these people they see me
And me, I see them
They're there at the start
And they're there at the end

But we walk like we're dead
And we utter no sound
Our senses are numb
We float on the ground

With feet disconnected
We're sweeping on through
All the days and the nights
Something borrowed, something blue

With the anguish for families
Who live far away
And pain over people
Who aren't in our day

There are too many people
Who all clutch at my heart
But you can't be here with me
And it tears me apart

So I sit in the the middle
Of some 9 million peeps
We ride the same trains
We walk the same streets

But not a single one
For miles around
Can give back this feeling
And I think I am bound

To be solo in life
And that racks me with fear
Because I hate being solo
And I want someone near.

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