Tuesday, May 8, 2012

you're in my sleep

You turned your back
And faced the door
When you said goodbye
You must have thought
When I didn't answer
I'd lost the will
But my words choked up
They're stuck there still
I looked at you
I felt the same
As much as when
We met that day
The way you speak
The way you sound
My breath falls short
When you're around
I want to put
my hand in yours
It's not allowed
It feels too forced
I dip my head
And drop my gaze
Won't let you see
These painful days
I want your arms
Around me now
I want your touch
I'm not sure how
Things came undone
And all seems lost
I won't move on
I've fingers crossed
I'm wanting you
Do you want me
You think I've gone
I've not, you see
I think of you
It's constantly
I dream of you
You're in my sleep.

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