Tuesday, May 8, 2012

what they were

does she look at me and think the same
not knowing me except my name
and thinks I play a better game
I hold his heart, I stake my claim

or is it me that looks at her
her flawless skin, her silky hair
an easy smile, no fears, no care
for her he'll be forever there

I caught his eye, he watched me walk
we laughed and cried, and talked and talked
I held his hand and shared his bed
and made him smile with things I said

he kissed me once, he kissed me twice
he stroked my hair, it felt so nice
I fed his eager appetite
we played the day, and dreamt the night

I cursed that she had met him first
his broken heart from her, I nursed
but here it is, true love reversed
a second chance, a void traversed

or will i be compared to her
and will i be abhored by her
be not distinct, but just a blur
a bitter taste, of what they were.

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