Sunday, June 17, 2012

I don't say it enough

She was wrinkled and pink
When you first saw her face
You didn't know what to think
When you stood in that place

Abated, elated
You lived life for this day
And will live now for her
You were scared and afraid

Your world it had changed
And your outlook was new
No longer the same
Once she came into view

And you looked at them both
Your two little girls
In your throat, the words choked
For all you need in this world

Is their love and their faith
You'd do anything for them
And your word is your bond
Again and again

You will give all you have
And you'll do what is right
That to love them is all
And for them you will fight

Even if they are wrong
And even if you can't see
Why they do all those things
So differently

Everything you have done
And everything that you do
Is always for them
And is never for you

And then they grow up
All at once, overnight
And you worried they'd leave
And be out of your sight

Your own little girl
With the stars in her eyes
She'll go travel the world
She will soar through the skies

And she'll fight for what's right
She'll remember your words
As she carves out her path
And she lives for what's hers

And you cannot do more
But sit back now and trust
She'll take care of herself
And she'll do what she must

Doing only the things
That let her fly free
And leave her fulfilled
And make her happy

And she can do anything
That her heart tells her to
She believes in herself
Because she knows you do too

For you are her rock
And for that she is glad
I don't say it enough,
I love you

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