Friday, July 13, 2012


hurt is when your tummy aches
your shoulders hunch
your hands they shake
your mind is in a hazy blur
she thinks of him
he thinks of her
you stand alone
you don't go far
you can't go on
you know you are
penetrable from every side
but you can't run
and you can't hide
the wind alone is your embrace
the sun shines on
and sees your face
the tears they fall
just like the rain
a distant call
the deepest pain
and then you find a strength inside
won't let you freeze
won't let you hide
but makes you move
and carry on
your head held high
the pain has gone
it's buried deep
and wrapped around
a tender soul
you're on the ground
the birds they sing
their evening song
and tell you now
it won't be long
the buds will open
the garden bloom
this is your time
give love, make room.

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