Monday, March 26, 2012

he'll still come around

you have this bleak feeling
like you can never imagine
getting over this person
and carrying on

and your head knows you will
but your heart won't believe it
you're not willing to accept
that it's over, it's gone

you can't ever remember
a time gone before them
or anyone else
with such an impression

but you know that's not true
and that only before
you had all the same thoughts
of despondence, depression

and that this too shall pass
and there'll be better things
where there are no more doubts
or confusion

but you cannot believe
that this didn't work out
you want to turn back
and re-do them

but you know there will be
another one after this
more suited for you
and as hard as it is

you know to accept
greater things are to follow
one more step, getting closer
holding out for tomorrow

but even as I say this
i'm feeling deep down
that he made a mistake
and he'll still come around.

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