Sunday, March 25, 2012

behind this bright face

a wonderful world
puts the stars in my eyes
and people to love
are what makes me smile

yet behind the broad smile
a little girl hides
who struggles to trust
after you cast her aside

there are things that affect her
you know it, it's true
but she seems so together
when talking to you

then when you hang up
or when you press send
and go on your way
and call that the end

she sits there re-reading
and retracing the lines
of another heart broken
another one, for old times'

she eats lies for her breakfast
and pukes them at lunch
regurgitating sorrow
and meeting your punch

you're ripping her hair
and breaking her nails
and shoving her down
with your foot on her tail

when you spat in her face
and you turned the round table
she was trapped in that place
and for a while was unable

to see any light
except the glint in your eye
there was nothing to fight
say hello, wave goodbye

she gave up far too much
but it was not your mistake
it was her bad decision
and now it's too late

but hard times endured
no matter how bad
have taught me life lessons
and for that I am glad

yes I know what it is
to eat blatant cruel lies
and I know what it is
to burn deep inside

over someone I love
who's forgotten my name
who leaves me at home
goes out, plays the game

and I know what it is
to be true to myself
to pick myself up
and get down from that shelf

so I'll smile and I'll laugh
whilst I'm finding my place
but there's a girl that wears black
behind this bright face.


  1. love this one Hayley, you wonderfully talented friend of mine! :-)

  2. Oh thank you so much Rob - it means so much to me, that you appreciate my words x love you loads my friend x