Thursday, March 8, 2012

walking away

I know you are there
I can see you, you know
I know you keep coming
Just to check if I've gone
Well yes I'm still here
And I'm standing alone
But what does it matter
It's over and done
There were secrets
They've changed many things
Or maybe things weren't
Quite what they had seemed
There are so many things
That I'm wanting to say
But what is the point
We ended that day
You were definitely different
I had a gut feeling
Now I'll lay on the floor
And I'll stare at the ceiling
Hollow inside
With my tears slipping out
I have nothing to whisper
And nothing to shout
Another string to my bow
Another line to my song
I'm heartbroken now
But it won't be for long
The memories we share
I can view as I like
You can't take them back
They're locked up inside
But the essence of us
It burst at the seams
Now we're fading away
Like yesterday's dreams
So I know you're still there
I can see you, you see
But it suddenely occurred…
You're not waiting for me
I'm only a fool
And you're one and the same
As you stood there and watched me
Walking away.

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