Sunday, March 25, 2012

it's lonely in this city

It's lonely in this city
of 9 million people
from the depths of the gutter
to st pauls' and her steeple
the crowds around the edges
they shuffle in on you
and suffocate your senses
taking sunlight from your view
there are queues for the carriages
that takes you to the places
where you wander to find something
amongst streets of nameless faces
you're fighting for your place here
and fighting for your time
to be seen and held with meaning
instead of lost amongst the grime
you stand inches from a person
feeling life seep through their pores
but you cannot see their eyes there
and they look not in yours
you go for days and wonder
what if something came to pass
would someone question where I was
or would I disappear too fast
you might talk to strangers on the train
or to people in the park
but you get glances of concern
like what's her problem, what's this lark
so you give up being bothered
and you keep unto yourself
no point in causing unrest
'cause no one cares if you are well
just so long as you keep unto you
and look not upon another
it doesn't matter who you are
we are not one, we are not brothers
but we do all share this city
and we all walk on her paths
and we wander in her gardens
and we fill up all the cracks
and for all that's here within her
all the stories here of old
you have nothing but your name now
and a blanket from the cold
the winds they blow right through you
the rain runs of your cheek
the sun it slides down dreary
no one listens, you don't speak
but the cobbles of the pavement
echo plights gone once before you
there are streets of nameless faces
but a ghost to reassure you
the whispers of their history
comes through to you in waves
and tell you that your struggles
differ not from yesterday's
and for every man that's walked here
and every maiden cried
a part of you goes with them
a bit less lonely now, inside.

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