Tuesday, April 24, 2012

for us to fly

Letting go is hard to do
I think of then
I think of you
The times we shared
The places been
We loved, we cared
We'd not foreseen
That everything we said and did
Would reach it's end
Would find it's lid
Such feelings deep
We couldn't hide
We let them out
We laughed and cried
An urgency to get to know
Another's heart
Another's soul
Connecting to a place
In time
And know a face
And see inside
The eyes of blue
And silent dreams
Of hopes and fears
And futile screams
We tried to make this
Work, we did
It's not our fault
That it ended
We rode the wave
We braved the storm
And lived unto
Another dawn
More tales to tell
More love to feel
A time complete
A time so real
The caterpillar never asks
Why his short life
It did not last
It came and went
And left behind
Colourful wings
For us to fly.

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