Tuesday, April 24, 2012

for anyone

for anyone who dared to dream
not dreams of fame or wealth
but the kind of dreams that seek the truth
of love and peace and health

for anyone who took the path
that sought the greatest view
and not the path that looked the least
as though it asked a lot of you

for anyone who left behind
the things they loved and knew
and walked alone into the dark
with nothing in their view

for anyone who's had a faith
and trusted with conviction
that despite the doubt and fear and hate
they'll reach their goal with a distinction

for anyone who's been unsure
unfulfilled and unrequited
but trusted there was something more
and trundled on when uninvited

this world will be a wondrous place
no matter what the weather
and every creature, creed and race
will stand by you and come together

the rain will fall refreshing
the wind will blow you free
the sun will warm your cockles
the land will hold the sea

and you will feel the colours
and see the sounds and smells
and hear the sights of freedom
when we're all one and we are well.

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