Tuesday, February 14, 2012

there are days

There are days when I don't get dressed
I splash my face with cold water
and I stay in pink pyjamas
the smell of yesterday's sun lotion on my chest
and my hair is a mess
and I'm in the green t-shirt that I took when I left

I drink hot tea and sit at small makeshift tables
And I stare at my notebook and I pour out words
And I gaze through the window
At the clouds and the birds
At the dust on the cobwebs and the rain falling down
There's nothing to feel and nothing to sound

And the leaves of the trees hang heavy with dew
And they remind me of me
And now I am thinking of you
And I glance in the mirror
And I see a pale face
Shadowed green eyes, I hold their stark gaze

I lean back in my seat
When my tea is lukewarm
I ache for the sun, but I don't mind the storm
And I gaze at the sky thinking why, oh why
If this is it 'til the day that I die
You won't hear me laugh, and you won't see me cry.

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