Monday, February 20, 2012

a love for all seasons

There are seasons in life
The physical seasons
where nature dies off
and then blooms again
And we as humans have
the same
on our own schedule
there are dark phases in life
where joy is lost
and everything is limp
grey, and dead inside
it's cold
it's uncomfortable
damp and unforgiving
you need to take extra care
of yourself
to stay warm
to wrap up tight
against prevailing winds
but in these dark times
we can also be replenished
we can hibernate
wrap up
and succumb
our skin is protected
we are cocooned
we can embrace the dark
of the night
and feel it's depth
it's solidness
anchoring us to the earth
driving us in
just like the fallen
soggy, and decomposing
leaves of summer...
back to where we came from
giving in
to the pressure and the demands
only to soon be born again.
In the springtime.
New buds will form
there's a freshness in the air
a new colouring
pastels, becoming brighter...
until full bloom
and glory once more.
We need to ride the waves
embrace the change
be part of the cycle
With a love for all seasons.

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