Monday, February 13, 2012

just another grain of sand

This great burden of aspiration
Has started to affect my concentration
And all of the things that I want to achieve
Are clouded and blurry and my heart's on my sleeve
Getting dusty and chipped and picking up stains
And my head aches with thoughts and the tears and the strains
That soon it will pass and I will be left in the dust
There'll be no one to hear me and no one to trust
That the best things in life have now passed me by
If I chase my tail for too long do you think I could die?
Might I choke on the words of unwritten dreams
Or lie in the dark and silently scream
Obsessively scribbling down lists "I should do"
Then waste away hours with worry for you
And stress about numbers and negative signs
If I tell myself "no," or it's too high to climb
Then nothing will come and nothing will go
I'll stay on the porch, swaying to swaying fro
Looking out at the world with a wall at my back
Not going forward but not stepping back
Stagnant and stinking in a pit of despair
There are bugs on my feet and dust in my hair
But no one to notice as they all have a life
Invested in triumphs and blinded by strife
And the great irony is that the more that I think
I'm making a difference, but do nothing but blink
It's all here within me and going no where
Because I plan far too much and I worry and care
That if I don't produce something that validates me
I'm just another grain of sand drifting into the sea...?

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