Sunday, November 6, 2011

too scared to say that i love you

Living in bubbles
Those blissful times where there is no-one
And nothing outside of you
And me

Smiles that stretch
From cheek-to-cheek
Heartbeats in my ear, no days of the week

Soft kisses stolen
Under the breeze of my window
A gentle hand sweeps, and holds onto my elbow

My face in your hands
Small circles you make
My mouth swells to yours, to give and to take

A cool, autumn night
But we let in the air...
Our bodies are warm, we really don't care

We lit a candle and nothing was said
But I knew what you felt
As we climbed into bed

The heavens they opened and the rain it fell down
I was soft in your arms
I'll remember that sound

I felt my chest rise
And I felt my chest fall
The slowest of movements, encompassing all...

...I hear your heart beat
And I sense you are breathing
Tonight is the night, for dreaming then sleeping


And the bubble it bursts
With the breaking of dawn
The pull of your tummy, the stretch of a yawn

So many things I just couldn't say
As our bodies lay naked
In the first light of day

I listened to you breath - your body by mine
But it was already over
That moment of time

We walked along paths of soggy, brown leaves
We ducked under trees
And felt the cool breeze

The crowds they closed in and we were out there again
On the streets of grey London
Two faces, no name

You walked by my side, but already you'd gone
Goodbyes come too early...

Again, we're alone.

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