Sunday, November 6, 2011

remember me to them

You might just be the only person who did not make me angry
You might just be the only person who did not make me cry
You always had hands that would hold me and soothe me
You always had time to let my heart sigh

I remember those hands
I can picture them now
They always were soft
And I'll never know how

I'd look at those hands
I'd picture the scenes
Of you fighting with guns
Of you wiping them clean

Of babies you'd held
Of fences you'd fixed
Of dirty old tyres
Of rubble and sticks

You were strong, you were noble
You always stood tall
Your stories you told me
I'll remember them all

In my eyes you were stronger
Than any man was
You were gentle and caring
A hero to us

Someday I will find you
And tell you these things
That no matter what happens
You'll live on in my dreams

You were the greatest grandfather
One day you had said:
"I love you more than you realise"
And that stayed in my head

The day that we lost you
I remember it well
Because I realised that day...
Just what you had felt

Your loss on this earth
Was felt in my heart
A hole now is left there
You carry that part

And someday I will find you
And I'll take it again
My hand will hold yours
Grandfather and friend.

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