Sunday, November 6, 2011

i shed a tear for you today

I shed a tear for you today
A small flutter of feeling rising from my tummy
It reached my chest constricting and then released
And with it fell a tear
A tear for you
And for what you were to me
And what you are no more

Your ghost rode the bus with me
I did not turn to look
Because I knew you were there
Your energy fizzed and popped 
Ghostlike fingers grabbed at my waist
Small carbons within jumping in memory
As I remembered your touch 
On my soul

Suspended in a chalice of time

My breath fell short
But then deep breaths filled me again
Swelling my chest
Lifting me up
And I remembered the places we walked together
And talked together
A time in our life that was complete
Our world for a time

But then things changed
Like the seasons and like the tides
That bittersweet surrender
To something out of our control
Our time had come
We let go of our hands...
Two steps forward
And one glance back
A smile
A dip of the head
And then it was gone
A new direction with one tiny inching of one tiny toe

Permenant etches of time

The flutters subside
The tears run off my chin
And I know it will always be there

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