Friday, March 8, 2013

to live out our dreams

I said goodbye to you tonight
Walked paths of leaves and fallen dreams
I no longer hold you tight
I'm not bursting at the seams

Now I'm empty and I'm void
My expiry date has passed
But this wasn't meant for ever
It wasn't meant to last

I wandered down a road
And had found me in this place
The same is held within
But now I wear a different face

A silent undercurrent
That carries thoughts away
And leaves marks along the banks
Like the ripples on the bay

My time here now has reached an end
I'd said I'd know it when
I'd finished all I had to do
And would return again

Under a watchful London Eye
You're not with me in this place
But I know you're by my side
In the light I see your face

So I'll leave you in the Autumn
And you'll meet me in the spring
I'm coming home to you
To share our life and live our dreams 

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