Tuesday, January 29, 2013

what I see now is us

When I look in your eyes
I don't see you
I don't see depth
I don't see blue
I don't see lips
So full, so true
I don't see love
Or the fragrance of you
Doesn't fill up my senses
And make me feel weak
Reaching up for your hand
As you're stroking my cheek
I don't see a man
That's learned of life's knocks
And ridden the waves
Recovered from shocks
I don't see a man who's given himself
To make my life be
Full of love
And of wealth
The wealth of another
To have them complete
By your side on your path
Or sitting on the same seat
I don't see a man
With a generous heart
Who won't let me guess
Who won't let me part
But sat waiting for me
And making things clear
I was loosing myself
As I always was here
And I don't see a man
Who shared the same dream
And saw the same face
And pulled the same seam
What I see is a man 
Who makes my heart beat
Who makes my lungs fill
Who makes me complete
My visions a blur
My thoughts are a buzz
It's not you that I see
What I see now is us.

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