Wednesday, November 7, 2012

nothing but you

You ask me what I want
I'll say I dont want much
I want to be wanted
I want your touch

I want your hands on my face when you kiss me
I want the taste of your lips
I want to sleep there beside you
Brushing our fingertips

I want my face in your neck
Hearing the sound of my name
Feeling the beat of your heart
Knowing you feel the same

I want the smell of you
Clinging onto my clothes
I want a secret love
That no one else knows

I want to throw caution to the wind
And plunge into the deep
I want to live out our dreams
Make love while we sleep

I want to stand side by side
With your hand on my back
I want to stare at the world
Knowing Im on the right track

I want love and respect
And to share the same truth
I'll count the stars in the skies
I want nothing but you.

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