Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I'm coming back for you now

Beautiful insomnia
When real life it seems
Like it couldn't get better
Like you're living your dreams
I look at your face
And I feel I am home
I know you're my one
I know you won't go
That you'll stand by my side
And you'll be my best friend
You won't let me cry
And your love will not end
You've waited for me
And you've seen me be strong
Que sera, what will be
But now it feels like too long
Since you held my right hand
And you stroked my smooth face
Since we breathed the same air
Lay in the same place
Our secret love
That only we knew
You have been there for me
And I've been there for you
The world has gone round
And the tides have gone out
And no one else knew
What our lives were about
But the stars lit the sky
And the sun rose again
The tides lap the bay
J'adore et je t'aime
Yes we met once before
But it wasn't our time
There were gullys to cross
There were mountains to climb
And you wondered through years
What had happened to me
Did I think then of you
Was it you I could see
Well yes it was you
It always has been
But you weren't in my life
And you weren't in my dreams
You were there in my heart
You were with me each day
As I was finding myself
You were finding your way
And I could not believe
When you found me again
But you said you won't leave
You said you're my friend
And you were true to your word
And you've been all the things
That you promised to me
That I wished in my dreams
Our lives have aligned
From two sides of the world
You're my beautiful man
I'm your beautiful girl
You're awake when I sleep
And I dream while you wake
But we've found our true love
And we've lived for love's sake
Now we'll never let go
And we'll never know how
But our paths crossed again
I'm coming back for you now.

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