Wednesday, July 27, 2016

it begins all again

You can be so happy
that you get all afraid
That what fills you up
could be taken away
So you worry and fret
that this joy that you feel
Is as good as it gets
or it might not be real
And this worry you have
it can make you feel weak
Like dark clouds overhead
you start to feel bleak
You move a lot slower
and your voice now is low
Your view of the world
doesn't have the same glow
This darkness it grips you
and you start to now be
So consumed by its grasp
that you need to break free
It's pulling and tugging
a fight deep within
Then something now breaks
tears roll off your chin
The shadows they lift
the sun's out again
The fear has now gone
this wasn't the end
So you pick yourself up
more love now to send
And then the whole cycle
begins all again.

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