Sunday, January 15, 2012

your own slot in time

You know when you're stuck
In a place that feels stale
You're stuck in a rut
You follow your tail

You know there's more out there
To meet and to see
Surges of passion
Plunge into the sea

Unfamiliar waters
Pulling you down, pulling deep
It's dark in the daytime
You're awake when you sleep

Then there are places you've been
Where your heart feels much lighter
The fields are much greener
And the sky is much brighter

All the people you meet
Have no time and no place
They stand in that street
And they look at your face

And some come up to you
To walk on your path
To share this life's moment
Make you smile, make you laugh

They ask where you are going
They ask where you've been
And you tell them your story
And you share all your dreams

They look in your eyes
They might hold your hand
Your heart skips a beat
Writing letters in sand

Then their turn is next
You listen, intent
But the time comes again
Paths reaching their end

You stand there alone
Prickle trickle of tears
Another time passed
More memories, more years

You have no companion
No partner in crime
Just you on your journey
Your own slot in time.

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