Monday, May 8, 2017

A rough draft

A rough draft:
I wrote a poem here today
As the ocean lapped the bay
Full of words I couldn't say
And I felt a different way

 The hard, cold stone
 That I sat on in this spot
Didn't unnerve me or defeat me
But it showed me all I've got

 The grass it shook around me
Blowing in the wind
But it's earthen roots below
Allowed the leaves above to sing

The gentle lulling bob
Of boats moored in the bay
 So still, yet spoke of life
In the glow of this new day

My boys they're in the playground
I hear their far off call
I sit alone right now
But I'm not alone at all 

I found myself in Oamaru
A place I'd never been
A place that felt familiar
Showed me things I've always seen.

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