Wednesday, November 16, 2016

who am I?

This question we ask "who am I?"
Is not the right one...

Because the truth of it is
I am so many things
I'm sunlight reflecting
Off butterfly wings
I'm the waves of the ocean
 I'm the shells in the sand
I'm the clouds in the sky
I'm the curve of the land
And I'm the sound that you make
When you first see his face
And the drop in your lungs
When you feel her embrace
I'm the sounds that they play
I'm the painting you see
Standing alone in the halls
Of the Tate gallery
I'm the air that fills up
The vast valley below
And the dust on your shoes
Building up as you go
I'm the sun on your skin
I'm the ice at your cheek
I'm the months of the year
And the days of the week
All these things that you see
All the life that you breathe
I am in every thing.
Everything here is me.

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