Wednesday, November 16, 2016

let go and be still

Sometimes does your head spin

Like a mechanical whirring, creating a din

And a dense feeling of falling in

To a pool with a depth that you couldn’t swim

 The outside world is it far far away

Do you feel lost and alone, are you a needle in hay

Like you can’t see the wood, surrounded by trees

Do you wonder what might bring you down to your knees

And for what would you pray at the end of the day

If you believed that would make this dark cloud lift away

For what do you seek and spend time living for

You have material wealth, but what? You want more?

Let me entangle you, love, come, give me an ear

You're wasting the time you have to be here

 Let go of the balloon, let it float to the sky

And remember poor Icarus - that dreamer, he died.

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