Sunday, January 18, 2015

you are home

someone once asked me what true love is
butterflies in your tummy? An unforgettable kiss?
a shoulder to cry on? A hand at your back?
the light you can see when the world has gone black?

is it a knowing glance, and a private joke?
or hearing the words the other unspoke?
is it the beat of your heart, when she walks in the room?
or the shape of his face in the light of the moon?

is it someone with whom you unveil your fears
all your hopes and your dreams, and your plans for the years?
is it forgiving someone when they made a mistake?
or finding that you will give more than you take?

is it seeing the good as you go through the bad?
a dance in the rain, the best friend that you’ve had?
is it holding her hand whilst she brings you new life?
or making honourable vows to become man and wife?

well love may be found to be all of these things
you’re living a life you could never have dreamed
butterflies in your tummy, an unforgettable kiss
but the one thing that tells you it’s true love is

seeing their face
or hearing their voice on the phone
and wherever you are
knowing now, you are home.

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