Monday, December 29, 2014

nothing more true

Thank you for being my very best friend
Meant from the start you’ll be there ’til the end
Do you know that with you I can be my true self
A more accurate me than with anyone else
 When looking at you I see my own face
And for once in my life this feels like my place
I know I’ll forever have a mate on my side
One that is tender, romantic and kind
 And I know that with you I can trust my own life
I gave you my heart when you made me your wife
Wherever you are I will also be there
No longer just me, I’m now half of a pair
 And recently you’ve seen me coming undone
Giving body and soul in the birth of our son
And baby it’s you who has held me together
My strength and my shelter, whatever the weather
 For you’ve loved me beyond all the fear that you felt
Accepting your role like a hand that was dealt
To take mine as your own you carried my heart
In my life now forever you’re an integral part
 It’s been 12 happy months of sweet wedded bliss
Promises made that were sealed with a kiss
Have fused us together, given meaning to life
Today I’m Beau’s mummy as well as your wife
 Impossible to say, all the love that I have
Sometimes I’m grumpy and sometimes I’m sad
But darling please know that in my marriage to you
I’m everyday happy and there’s nothing more true.

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