Friday, May 17, 2013


sometimes, do you get so excited
that you just can't hide it
and you want to grab hold of a stranger but find it
will probably not be
the best scene on the street
to yell "I'm so happy!"
to every person you meet

and sometimes do you ever get so mad
that you think you'd be glad
to hit that person right here
for that smug look that they had
for not being understanding of you
and telling you what to do
that whatever you think,
they've thought it all before you

and sometimes do you ever find something so funny
that you laugh til you cry and your nose gets all runny
and you're sticky and sweaty and look like a dummy
'cause the joke just keeps getting more funny and funny
and you know that you can't, even if you would try
to stop yourself now, it's like you're lit up inside
an uncontrollable mind, who just cannot hide
it's so funny!

and sometimes do you ever feel so blue
that try as you might, you don't know what to do
because no one will listen or look right at you
and you keep your head down, another day to get through
and the whole world just seems a little bit dark
you've lost your own light, you've lost your own spark
you cast a faint shadow on everyone's mark
and you're achey and hollow
there's a hole in your heart

and sometimes do you ever feel so touched
that that person could really have loved you that much
and in them you know that you're safe and can trust
that even if you go mucking everything up
they'll still be there for you, they love and they care
you may not always see them, but they always are there
they drink the same water, they breath the same air
and love is around, it is everywhere.

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