Friday, May 17, 2013

i just want to say

I just want to say…
And I really don’t have any other way
I could go backwards and forwards and do this all day!
But... by the way - I really mean this when I say
And I don’t want you to think that you have to say
anything at all just to make this ok
I’m not putting pressure, and I don’t want to play
any games that you think just may
make you feel that
what I do have to say isn’t true, isn’t real
Oh gosh – I know that I’m faffing and making a meal
of just spitting it out, but I don’t want you to reel
back in shock
that my feelings are too much to take
(I think I’ll just say it)
But I don’t want to make
such a big deal about this
oh no – for god’s sake
I’m really waffling now –
and now I’m thinking about cake…
But what I just want to say
To you if that is ok?
And there really isn’t any other way
And I know you haven’t got all day
But what I just want to say is…


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