Friday, May 17, 2013


I think of birds when I think of words
they remind me to be curious and free
they belong to no where but are in everything
carrying light on their back, having faith under wing
chipping and chirping, do they ever despair?
you can ruffle their feathers, but they don't seem to care
they'll fight for their rights and they'll never give in
up first in the morning, the first song they sing
they travel so far, across oceans, through skies
when do they eat? when are they tired?
together they go in great flocks to a place
their shapes in the sky like a memory trace
to a place in the sea, a rugged of rock
with a long history, and some secrets to unlock
of men in the water and maids in the waves
that tell you the truth of lived before days
searching for something from whence they had came
something to be new, but resemble the same
they are looking for lands they can cultivate new
and be gone from the hardships that cling onto you
of dirty brown rivers and crusty old walls
with nothing within them, nothing at all
but ghosts and bones of lives lived before
dust on the roof, dust on the floor
tiptoes of people stand aside on the lines
and want to see change but are too shy to find
this place will not change, it will still be the same
of people from afar sneaking into the game
and supping our life from our very own cup
can we judge them like this? from the ground looking up
we had reached such a height where we had a view all around
of others at a distance, of those on the ground
did we worry that power would make us a target?
did we worry that strength would soon knock us down?
did we let down our guard just to let us seem humble?
but in doing that, now do we see how we crumbled?
we've been taken from the back, from the sides and the front
so we stand on the street and we look now like chumps
with people pretending to respect our long plight
but behind us they're laughing and they take what they like
rotten and stinking, but the place has not ruined
but it's spoiling, and soon there'll be more trooping in
we must fight for our rights, we must turn them away
it's ok to say no, it's ok, it's to say
this place you live in, you must work and be clean
keep your homes looking smart, keep yourselves, yourselves clean
you're like rats with a plague taking over our streets
changing our gardens, stealing foods we would eat
well the birds got it right, they soar in the air
finding new lands
you don't see that they care.

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