Tuesday, April 30, 2013

my summer of you

the feel of the ocean
the strokes of the sun
the smell of sun lotion
the scent of tree gum
the sweet sticky crush
of bright red strawberries
and your lips taste like salt
we're all gay, we're all merry
and we run through the grass
there's no coats, nor no shoes
we come when we like
and we go when we choose
and the whole place is here too
time off work and from chores
the table is laid now
open windows and doors
but off in the distance
over trees and through clouds
like a much older sibling
hidden behind darker shrouds
your warm by the fireplace
you've lit fairy lights
you wrap yourselves up
you lay down for the night
smells of clementine candles
and sweet sticky pud
slowly cooking in the pot
slowly turning to good
you can't imagine this place
but know I think now of you
and I'm missing that face
no longer in view
I see twinkles on the surface
of your blue shimmery pool
my summer of love
my summer of you

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